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Guitar Straps - What You Need to Know Before You Buy
8 months ago


Guitar straps are an essential accessory not only for guitarists but also for other musicians, particularly for bass players, and even for guitarists who play keyboards, drums and brass instruments. The first guitar straps, which were originally of the leather kind, were simply of the nylon type, secured to the neck of four plus kilo long bass and electric guitars. But today, with the development of technology, the choice of straps has evolved and they are no longer limited to the nylon type.


First, we have the plastic guitar strap, which is quite flexible but also not as thick as the nylon kind, and is preferred by many players and enthusiasts. The plastic guitar strap also comes in different colours like black, silver, white and even pink and blue, and most importantly, these acoustic guitar straps also come in a variety of lengths, so that the choice of strap can be changed as the need arises. Apart from the variety in the strap type, the plastic guitar strap is also quite durable and can hold its form for a long time. Also, the guitar strap is quite easy to install and remove and it is generally available in one size, so that the guitar player is assured of getting the right size.


The second type of strap, which is also widely available, is the nylon type guitar strap, which is available in a wide variety of colours, styles and designs. It is also very durable and does not easily break or wear out. This type of strap is preferred by guitar players who perform in small venues where heavy metal is the major music.


The third type of strap, which is also widely available, is the padded strap. This strap is also highly durable and also holds its shape quite well, unlike the plastic guitar strap, which is prone to wear and tear. This strap also gives the feeling that there is no restriction when the guitar player moves his arm on the fretboard. The padded strap is available in a wide variety of colors, designs, sizes and patterns and is ideal for all kinds of guitars, including acoustic ones and for the more expensive electric guitars. Click for more details.


And the last type of strap, which is also very popular, is the leather type guitar strap, which is usually made of the finest leather, which is very expensive as compared to the other straps. This strap gives a feeling of luxury, because it is very comfortable and helps in giving the sense of well-being to the guitarist, which in turn makes playing guitar more enjoyable.


So, choose the strap that best suits your need. Whatever strap you choose, make sure that the guitar strap will provide support to your neck, protect your head and give you maximum comfort while you play, while you practice and play with your instrument.


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